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Review by Prof. Jenny Pearce:

"Echavarria's book raises the debate on the Colombian civil war to a new dimension of analysis and insight. Beautifully written, the book illuminates the way the state perversely fosters violence in the name of security and peace. It enables us to rethink these categories of human thought in the light of their hijacking for an authoritarian and exclusionary state project. In the process, the book makes an original and important contribution to peace and security studies --Professor Jenny Pearce, Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford"

To order the book download the order here or check the major online distributors.

With Wolfgang Dietrich (forthcoming): Breve Introducción a la Filosofía de Las Paces Transracionales y a la Transformación Elicitiva de Conflictos, Medellín, Editorial Universidad de Antioquia.

Edited Collections

Josefina Echavarría Alvarez, Daniela Ingruber and Norbert Koppensteiner (eds.) (2018): Transrational Resonances: Echoes to the Many Peaces. Houndsmill, Palgrave Macmillan.






This book comprehensively gathers the current academic literature, field expertise and artistic developments on Wolfgang Dietrich’s Many Peaces theory, in the ways it has been conceptualized and practiced by peace and conflict workers around the world. Both scholars and practitioners challenge and creatively explore the field of transrational peace philosophy, contributing their insights on elicitive methods and conflict mapping. The book is further enriched by artistic perspectives on integrative approaches to theatre for living and intercultural soundscapes.



Dietrich, Wolfgang, Josefina Echavarría Alvarez, Gustavo Esteva, Daniela Ingruber and Norbert Koppensteiner (eds.) (2011): The Palgrave International Handbook of Peace Studies: A Cultural Perspective, Houndsmill, Palgrave Macmillan.




In this ground-breaking new volume, the social function of 'peace' is explored through the prism of cultural pluralism. Prominent scholars and thinkers from more than 30 different cultures reflect on the notion of peace, and the diversity of their perspectives highlights the different cultural perceptions surrounding the meaning and scope of peace. What we understand as 'peace' is dependent on the context within which it is used. Some cultures have a multitude of notions that translate into English simply as peace, whereas an equivalent to peace in the European sense does not even exist in others. This volume shows that the concept of world peace can only be realised as a plural of 'many peaces'; an understanding of peace cannot be reached without the explicit acceptance of the many different notions of peace. 


Dietrich, Wolfgang, Josefina Echavarría Alvarez and Norbert Koppensteiner (ed.) (2006): Schlüsseltexte der Friedensforschung, Wien, Lit.

The Key Texts of Peace Studies are a collection of articles in English, German and Spanish, which are of special relevance for the current debate on concepts like "development", "security", "nonviolent conflict transformation" and different ways of thinking peace. To give those literarily and politically precious texts a platform, from which they can be thought and discussed anew under current conditions, is one of the concerns of this volume. Contributors: Wolfgang Dietrich, Gustavo Esteva, Ivan Illich, Francisco Muñoz, Wolfgang Sachs, Wolfgang Sützl, Gianni Vattimo.

Articles and book chapters

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Other publications

Edition of Volumes, Masters of Peace. A Series for Outstanding MA-Thesis written at the MA Program for Peace Studies and published by the UNESCO Chair 

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