• Elicitive Conflict Mapping. Seminar. Summer term 2015; Winter term 2015/16; Summer 2017; Summer 2019
  • Disputing the Many Faces of Violence. Lecture series with Daniela Ingruber and Rebecca Gulowski. Winter 2017/18
  • Migrants as Danger? Reimagining Self and Other. Seminar. Summer term 2010
  • Methodologies for Peace Research: Theories and Experiential Insights. Lecturer and lecture series coordinator. Summer term 2010 
  • Preparatory Seminar for Peace Studies. Curriculum development and blended learning facilitation. Summer term 2007; Winter term 2007/08; with Daniela Ingruber, Summer term 2008 and Winter term 2008/09; Summer term 2009; with Andreas Oberprantacher, Winter term 2009/10; with Andreas Oberprantacher and Paul Bukuluki, Winter term 2010/11; with Daniel Hausknost, Winter term 2011/12; with Florencia Benítez-Schaefer and Belachew Gebrewold, Winter term 2012/13; with Florencia Benítez-Schaefer, Summer term 2013; with Florencia Benítez-Schaefer and Jennifer Murphy, Winter term 2013/14, Summer term 2014, Winter term 2014/15; with Shawn Bryant and Egidio de Bustamante, Winter term 2016/17; with Vera Brandner, Winter term 2017/18; with Paula Ditzel Facci, Summer 2018
  • Introduction to Peace and Conflict. Cross-reading seminar with Belachew Gebrewold, Summer term 2012; Cross-reading seminar with Andreas Oberprantacher, Winter term 2012/13; Cross-reading seminar with Jenny Murphy, Summer term 2013; Cross-reading seminar with Birgit Allertsofer, Summer term 2015; Cross-Reading Seminar with Dr. Noah Taylor, Winter 2018/19

Alpen Adria University Klagenfurt

Centre for Peace Research and Peace Studies, Conflict Transformation: From the Many Peaces to Elicitive Conflict Mapping. Seminar, Summer Term 2019

Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Jena (Germany)

Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies and Department of Political Science

Introduction to Peace Theories and Methods of Conflict Transformation. Seminar, Winter term 2017/18; Winter term 2018/19

University of Granada, Granada (Spain)

Introduction to Transrational Peace Education (seminar in Spanish). Erasmus Staff Exchange. Interuniversitary Masters Programm in Cultures of Peace, Conflicts, Education and Human Rights. Winter 2018/19

Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín (Colombia)

Postgraduate Course in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law

Peace in Plural and Elicitive Methods of Conflict Transformation. Seminar. Spring 2015

Many Peaces and Elicitive Conflict Transformation. Seminar. Spring 2016; August 2018

FACINEP & Institute Peace and Mind, Florianopolis (Brazil)

Postgraduate Course in Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies

Elicitive Conflict Mapping. Seminar, February 2017

University Javeriana, Cali (Colombia)

MA Program in Human Rights and Cultures of Peace

Methodologies for Peace Research. Research seminar. Summer term and Winter term 2015

Specialized Postgraduate course in Cultures of Peace and International Humanitarian Law

Gender and Peacebuilding. Seminar. Summer term 2015; Winter term 2015/16; Summer term 2016; Winter term 2016/17; Spring 2016; Spring 2018.

Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey)

MA Program in Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace Initiatives. Seminar. Spring 2016

Universities Los Andes, Javeriana, Rosario, Nacional (Colombia)

International Summer School "Connecting the best for peace"

Cultures of Peaces and the Arts of Elicitive Conflict Transformation. June 2015

World Peace Academy, Basel (Switzerland)

MAS in Peace and Conflict Transformation

(In)Security Discourses and Practices in Global Politics. Lecture and Seminar. Summer term 2013; Spring term 2014

  • Beyond (In)Security: Discourses and Practices around the Globe. Seminar. Winter term 2012/13
  • Peace and Research Methodologies (in Spanish). Seminar to MA and Doctorate students. Summer term 2012
  • Desecuritizing Migration: Twisting binary logics of in/security. Seminar. Summer term 2010
  • Trans-rational peaces and elicitive methods for conflict transformation (in Spanish). Seminar with Daniela Ingruber. Summer term 2009
  • Identity, security and possibilities for peace. Seminar. Winter term 2007/08

University for Peace, San José (Costa Rica)

MA Program in International Peace Studies

Peace Research Methods. Seminar. Winter term 2011/12; Winter term 2012/13

  • Guest Professor "History of the Americas". Department of History, University of Vienna. Winter 2011/12
  • Global Movements Beyond Security: Reimagining Migration. Lecture. Winter term 2011/12
  • In/Security Discourses and Practices in Global Politics. Lecture. Winter term 2011/12
  • Research Methodologies in Peace Studies. Seminar. Winter term 2011/12
  • Transnational Analysis of Democratization processes in their geopolitical context and Structures of participative democracy in concrete case studies at the regional level (in German). Seminar, with Birgit Zehetmayer. Winter term 2010/11
  • Project-Seminar for Research and Writing of MA Theses (in German).  Blended learning seminar. Winter term 2008/09; Summer term 2009; Winter term 2009/10; Summer term 2010
  • Integrative Seminar (in German). Seminar and Theatre of the Oppressed workshop, with Armin Staffler. Winter term 2007/08; Winter term 2008/09
  • Politics of Security in Latin America (in German, English and Spanish). Lecturer and Lecture series and colloquium coordinator, with Wolfgang Sützl. Winter term 2006/07
  • Security Discourses in Latin America: Hegemonies and Resistances (in Spanish). Seminar. Winter term 2006/07

National University of Rwanda, Kigali (Rwanda)

MA Program in Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation with a special focus on the Great Lakes Region, Center for Conflict Management with the support of the School of Global Studies of the University of Gothenburg (Sweden)

  • Introduction to Peace Research, Security Studies and Conflict Approaches. Lecture. Winter 2011/12
  • Theorizing Identity and the Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity. Lecture. Summer term 2011
  • Introduction to Peace Research and Security Studies. Lecture. Summer 2010

University Complutense of Madrid, Madrid (Spain)

MA Program in Contemporary Latin American Studies and II Peace Laboratory. Europe Aid Project Amelat XXI
New Wars and International Conflict Transformation in the 21st century (in Spanish). Online Seminar. Summer term 2007; Summer term 2008; Summer term 2009

Danube University Krems, Krems (Austria)

MSc in Political Education

  • Security and Identity in Development Discourses (in German). Lecture within the frame of the seminar "(Un)Fair World: Political Conflict, Ecological Crises and the European Perspective". June 2009
  • Media and International Conflicts (in German). Seminar, with Daniela Ingruber. Summer term 2008 

University Externado of Colombia, Bogota (Colombia)

Faculty of Finances, Government and International Relations 

Sociology, Political History of Colombia and Administrative Law. Assistant Professor. 1997 - 1999